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Creating a Sacred Space

Oftentimes, when we begin our attempts at meditation, we have a hard time committing to the practice. We feel pulled away by the day’s agenda, and usually end up prioritizing other items on our To Do list. One of the ways we can help ourselves commit to meditation regularly is to make a sacred space in our home, one that is lovingly created to house our practice. Knowing we have a quiet, peaceful, and special area to come and sit in can make returning to our practice much more appealing, and motivate us to come back to it, day after day. Here are some ideas on making a sacred space that is uniquely yours.

Find the Right Spot For most of us, dedicating an entire room to our meditation practice is something we can only dream of, but you don’t necessarily need too much space in order for it to feel comforting. Even if you live in a studio apartment, and your only choice is the space between your dresser and bed, then work with that. Find the calmest, most quiet space in your house (or outside of it!) and choose to meditate here every time. Make It Special Treat yourself to a meditation cushion or “zafu" so you can sit comfortably. You can place a small blanket underneath to add extra padding underneath your legs. Next, you can begin to create your “altar.” This doesn’t necessarily need to look like an actual altar, it can just be a collection of special items. You can use a small table or shelf, or just the space on the floor around you. Begin to add items that make you feel calm, connected, and like they will enhance your practice. This could be anything from incense, crystals, and spiritual statues, to a simple white candle. Mementos from loved ones are also a good choice, like pictures or small trinkets. Make your sacred space warm and inviting, pleasant and comforting. This way, you can rest assured it will make returning to it that much more appealing. Treat It with Love Clean your space regularly, and with care. Wash your blanket and cushion every once and a while, and dust off your altar and special items. Switching out incense or maybe placing new things on your altar (and retiring older items) are good ways to keep it feeling fresh and pleasant. Make the tidying of your sacred space a mindful ritual: turn soft music on and be completely present with the experience of organizing and cleaning. The more love you put into caring for your space, the more significance it will begin to have for you. By creating a sacred space in our home, we create a tether to our meditation practice. And hopefully, with continued commitment, we can turn just sitting quietly for a few minutes into a special ritual, and a non-negotiable part of our day-to-day. Namaste!

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