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Aetna Insurance
for Therapy

Now Accepting Aetna Insurance Plans

At Austin Mindfulness Center, we prioritize offering mental health care that's both affordable and accessible. That's why we're proud to be an In-Network Provider for Aetna insurance plans.


As one of the leading health insurance providers in the U.S, Aetna Insurance offers an array of plans tailored for Texas residents seeking mental health services. These plans encompass a wide range of services from preventive care and prescription drugs to mental health support. For those in Texas who are eligible, Aetna also provides ACA individual plans which can come with subsidies or tax credits.


We understand that finding the right therapist often hinges on whether they accept your insurance. If you're in Texas and are an Aetna policyholder, you're in the right place. Our skilled therapists are not only well-versed with various mental health concerns but also readily accept Aetna insurance in Texas.

Coverage for Therapy with Aetna Insurance

Most of our clinicians proudly accept Aetna Insurance for therapy. If you're uncertain about your plan's coverage with us, we recommend reaching out to your insurance directly using the contact number on your card. Typically, Aetna covers a range of therapy sessions including individual, family, and group sessions.


Our team consists of seasoned, licensed therapists adept at addressing various challenges like depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship hurdles, stress, and more. They also provide online therapy, enabling you to connect with them wherever you are, be it at home or on the go.


If you are interested in finding a Texas therapist under the Aetna network, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're dedicated to pairing you with the therapist best suited to your needs and helping you schedule your first appointment.

Find an Aetna Insurance Therapist Today

Take advantage of your Aetna insurance plan.


Book an appointment through Austin Mindfulness Center with a qualified and trusted Texas in-network therapist. Select from our  certified therapists to find the right mental health specialist for you.

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