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Mindfulness-Based Therapy
Education Since 2011

We Accept Insurance So Everyone Can Live Their Best Life!



Mindfulness guides you to see your problems in a new way, which can help by turning confusion into understanding.



We teach you to apply knowledge and skills to your life so that you take an active role in your mental health.

Get Back to Living

Life should be about pursuing what matters most to you. We will help you get back to living the life you deserve.

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The 5-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Start learning about Mindfulness today. Join our 5-Day Challenge and discover for yourself how mindfulness can change your life! Take the Challenge and you will receive regular videos that will provide you with a solid introduction to mindfulness. Each video will focus on a different way of experiencing and practicing mindfulness.

Thanks for taking the mindfulness challenge. We'll send you one email per day for the next five days and then periodic helpful mindfulness tips straight from our owner, Dr. Kristin Vaughn. You can unsubscribe anytime.


We Will Equip You to Live Your Best Life

Here are 3 Key Benefits of Our Mindfulness-based Therapy and Education

Learn to Feel Good About You

A fulfilling life starts with how you view and feel about yourself.  We teach you how to change this relationship for the better.


Develop Connected Relationships

Our most important human need is for connection. We will help you to move toward healthier relationships.


Gain Competence to Achieve Goals

We don't just patch you up with a quick fix. We will teach you how to create change in your life through education and skills training.

Get Started Living Your Best Life Today!

We accept Aetna, BCBS, Optum, Oscar, Oxford, and UnitedHealthcare insurance

EAP's are not accepted. We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid Plans even when administered by BCBS / Optum. We do not accept BCBS / Cigna for Couples Counseling. We may not accept specific insurance plans such us HMO or Health Select.

Not using insurance?

We don't want cost to get in the way of you getting the help you need! The out-of-pocket cost to meet with one of our therapists is $100 - $175 per session. You can select the rate that best matches your budget and we'll do our best to meet you there!

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Our Therapists Will Lead You Through Our 3-Step Process

Coming to therapy can often feel like walking into the great unknown. We want to help make it as clear as possible by showing you our process.


After you have reached out to get matched with a therapist, and scheduled your first appointment, the initial step involves working with your therapist to better understand what might be getting in the way and causing your symptoms and concerns. 

As you discover what is contributing to your problems, you will be setting goals, learning about important concepts, and applying skills in your daily life. 

Discover What is Holding You Back

Mindfulness helps you see your problems in a new way, which turns confusion to understanding.



Learn the Knowledge and Skills

We teach you how to apply knowledge and skills to your life so that you can start to feel better and to grow.



Grow Into the  Best Version of You

Life should be about pursuing what matters most. We give you the skills to thrive for life.


Talking about your problems and expressing how you feel are key ingredients for what makes therapy so helpful. But beyond these fundamental benefits that are common in all talk therapies, we incorporate the concepts and practices of Mindfulness in our work with clients.


Mindfulness is about seeing ourselves and others more clearly and learning to free our minds from harmful habits. Our mindfulness-based therapy and education give you the tools to move out of pain and self-doubt and toward what makes life worth living.

What our clients are saying about us

The breathing technique, being gentle to myself, and learning to recognize when

I am not living in the present moment, among other coping skills my

therapist has been teaching me have helped me tremendously with anxiety.

She is easy to talk to, gentle, and listens without judgement.

I am so thankful I found her and recommend her to everyone.

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