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Introducing MindfulEQ: 
Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence
for the Workplace

Flexible, scalable, and evidence-based programs for your organization.

MindfulEQ is the science and practice of mindfulness and emotional intelligence for the workplace. 

The MindfulEQ programs teach the distilled critical skills of two systems necessary for the modern workforce to thrive personally and professionally: mindfulness and emotional intelligence. 

The skills fostered in MindfulEQ create a framework to better understand and navigate how our thoughts, speech, actions, and emotions shape the attitude with which we show up to work. 

In the last forty years, the research into the science of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has matured, and culminated into a gradual transformation of how organizations - large and small - hire, train, develop, retain, and promote the most valuable resource within any organization: its workforce. 


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is knowing what is happening, as it's happening, on the inside, and outside, with the essential attitudes of patience, non-judgement, and acceptance. 


What is EQ?

EQ is the innate capacity to identify, understand, and regulate the rich and diverse inner world of our emotions, as well as the emotions of others. The four core skills taught in EQ include: self awareness,

self management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Past and Current Clients 


"I thought everything was excellent! Your delivery, the pacing, use of slides, and the inclusion of both theory and practice was all spot on. Thank you for a great program." 


"I would highly recommend the course to others and absolutely love to be a part of a company that equips us with this training!"


"I love getting to practice some of the meditations in class. They are calming and very helpful! I look forward to participating in it every Thursday!"


"The teacher is wonderful and my classmates are helping to be accountability partners, reminding me to use the tools I'm learning in day-to-day activities."


in the Workplace

Our approach and offerings

The MindfulEQ programs are grounded in the science of the mind, body, and brain. Each program is designed to teach your workforce the practical benefits of how mindfulness and emotional intelligence work together to cultivate greater self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management (Goleman, 2011). Your team members will learn a set of practical skills clinically proven to help reduce stress, anxiety, and sleep issues, while improving health, healing, focus, concentration, interpersonal relationships, and so much more. 

We understand the workforce is changing rapidly. Whether on-site, on-line, or hybrid, MindfulEQ programs are designed to give your employees the essential life skills necessary to thrive in today’s modern workplace.


We have highly customizable and scalable programs ranging from a one hour program, to longer programs including our 4, 6, 8, week or
year-long programs.  

If you work in Human Resources, or responsible for Wellness in your organization, empower your team members with one of the most transformative inner skills available to all of us: our capacity to be present, and engage with ourselves, and each other in more skillful, productive and meaningful ways.   


The benefits of MindfulEQ in your workplace

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