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Finding the Right Therapist

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  • Christina Philburn, LCSW

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker


    Adults 18+

    Specializes in trauma, grief and loss, chronic pain, attachment, abandonment, anxiety, depression, sleep issues and life transitions. 

    Fee: $120 per session

    Insurance: Optum/United Healthcare and Blue Cross/ Blue Shield PPO (HMO or Magellan are not accepted)

  • Eliza Jade Brown, LCSW

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker


    Adults 18+

    Specializes in Anxiety and Depression, Bipolar, Relationships and Family Stress, Life Transitions, Co-occurring Substance Use


    Fee: $120 per session

    Insurance: Optum/United Healthcare and Blue Cross/ Blue Shield PPO (HMO or Magellan are not accepted)

  • Hillary Lanier, LCSW

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker


    Adults 20+

    Specializing in anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety disorder, separation and social anxiety, panic disorder, specific phobias), depression, and OCD.

    Fee: $120 per session

    Insurance: Optum/United Healthcare 



  • JonTaye' Bonds, LPC

    Licensed Professional Counselor

    Untitled design (1).png

    Individuals 12+, Couples and Families

    Specializes in anxiety and depression, adolescents, self-esteem, family conflict, parenting, marital and pre-marital, trauma and PTSD. 

    Fee: $120 per session - $135 Couples Counseling

    Insurance: Optum/United Healthcare and Blue Cross/ Blue Shield PPO (HMO or Magellan are not accepted)

  • Kevin Brown, LPC

    Licensed Professional Counselor


    Adults 18+

    Specializing in Trauma, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Spiritual Growth

    Fee: $125 per session

    Insurance: Optum/United Healthcare

  • Laura Poulter, LCSW

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker


    Individuals 16+, Couples and Families

    Specializes in addiction, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, trauma, identity development. 

    Fee: $120 per session

    Insurance: Optum/United Healthcare and Blue Cross/ Blue Shield PPO (HMO or Magellan are not accepted)

  • Marla Sanderson, LMFT

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


    Individuals 12+, Couples, Families


    Specializes in Anxiety, Depression, EMDR, Trauma, ADHD, Sexuality and Gender/LGBTQ+, Play Therapy & more. 


    Fee: $120 per session

    Insurance: Optum/United Healthcare 

  • Therese Harmacek, LMSW

    Licensed Master Social Worker


    Adults 18+


    Specializes in anxiety, depression, life transitions, school concerns, caregiving issues, chronic disease, general parenting, grief and loss, parenting a child with a chronic disease. 


    Fee: $80 per session

    Insurance: Not accepted

  • Teresa Gross, LPC

    Licensed Professional Counselor

    Teresa Gross AMC Photo 1.21.19.jpg

    Adults 25+

    Specializes in anxiety, depression,  life and career transitions, relationship issues and personal growth

    Fee: $110 - $120 per session

    Insurance: Optum & United Healthcare 


  • Vanessa Gill, LPC

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


    Adults 18+ and Couples

    Specializing in shame, anxiety, and loss, interpersonal and relationship issues, mindfulness and self-compassion skills

    Fee: $100 per session - Couples Intake (90 min) $125

    Insurance: Not Accepted

  • Wakelyn Malitz, LPC, R-DMT

    Licensed Professional Counselor


    Adults 20+

    ​Specializing in movement therapy for almost any issues, including grief, trauma, anxiety, and self-esteem.

    Fee: $125 per session

    Insurance: Optum/United Healthcare Accepted

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