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The past is gone, the future is not here, now I am free of both. Right now, I choose joy
- Deepak Chopra
Lyndsay Dawson

In-person (North Location), Telehealth

Adults, Teens, Children, Couples

Offers in-person sessions Mondays at our North location

Lyndsay Dawson, LPC-A

Supervised by Callye Lawrence LPC-S

Professional Profile

Lyndsay is an LPC-Associate with a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Tarleton State University. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Tarleton State University and she interned with Goodall Witcher Hospital and Texans Reducing Food Insecurity.

She has experience with ADHD, anxiety, grief, aging, and depression and she is comfortable working with adults, teens, and children, Lyndsay has experience in play therapy

In her free time,Lyndsay enjoys crocheting and gardening. It is important for her to spend time outside.


Body Image
Grief and Loss
Substance Use


Aetna, Sana, Private Pay / Self Pay, Low Cost / Sliding Scale



I am truly happy you are here!

You are important!

Counseling is truly for anyone and everyone. At any point in life, things can feel more difficult. Sometimes we find ourselves isolated or not wanting to trouble anyone with our thoughts or concerns. This can lead to us feeling depressed, anxious, or more. The issue here is that it is so important to have a support system and someone to talk to in times that feel more difficult. I have definitely felt this way and I was glad I decided to pursue counseling to fill in the gaps of my inner support circle. I am here to be a part of your support system. My goal is to provide you a safe place to express your issues, needs, and goals.

Together, we will walk through your concerns and find the best way to address, cope, and manage thoughts, behaviors, relationships, self-esteem, and care. I am here to support you and walk along your healing journey with you. It is my goal to show you that I do care and want to be there for you without judgment as you realize your best self possible.

How I Work

I am guided by a few approaches that I find fit most people. I center my practice around CBT, MBCT, and person-centered therapy. I believe these can easily be modified to work to fit what is most comfortable for you. These approaches help me focus on you and your goals. The approaches I use really center you, your wants, comforts, and needs in therapy. These approaches focus on addressing thoughts, behaviors, relationships, and self-esteem and care.

Our initial session would be about exploring what you would like from counseling and your concerns or worries about counseling. In our sessions, I will work with and support you to help discover what takes a toll and how to cope. We will explore and adjust to find what truly feels comfortable and safe for you. My goal is to provide you a space in which you feel heard and seen as well as walk with you while developing skills for healthy thoughts and behaviors.

Thank you for letting me provide a safe space without judgment for you to walk through realizing your best self.

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Sometimes we find ourselves isolated or not wanting to trouble anyone with our thoughts or concerns. This can lead to us feeling depressed, anxious, or more.
Therapist Spotlight

What made you decide to become a counselor?

I have always had a passion for helping. From volunteering to considering careers in different helping positions from nursing to counseling. It wasn’t until I needed grief counseling that I realized how important counseling is and how pivotal that support was. I came to understand that I wanted to help people the same way I received help. I wanted to support others and help provide a safe space. I learned over time that counseling also allowed me to continue volunteering and helping advocate within my community.

If you could teach the world one skill or technique to improve their lives, what would it be?

To give yourself grace. We all have that little voice in our heads that doubt our own capabilities. We all make mistakes and can be very hard on ourselves. I have always struggled with overanalyzing and critiquing my own work and actions harshly. Learning to have more compassionate thoughts towards my own capabilities and giving myself grace has significantly improved my confidence and ability to be kind to myself.

Have you personally been in counseling and if so, what did you learn about yourself?

I have personally been in counseling and they were pivotal experiences for me. I learned that I have a tendency to be too hard on myself. Counseling helped provide me with so many skills and coping mechanisms to have a much kinder way of talking to myself. I learned that I cared a lot about “perfection” and counseling helped me learn to set realistic expectations for myself. I learned through grief therapy that I will hold my grief in and that I need support during grief. I learned to create and have a support system within my life to lean on.

If you could recommend one book to all your clients, what would it be?

I would recommend the book, “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail” by Cheryl Strayed. In this book, the author recounts her journey towards acceptance, grief, and attunement of her own thoughts and feelings. The author had undergone several painful events in her early and adult life. These events trapped her in a vicious cycle where she acted against her values. She was desperately trying to numb the pain that she felt instead of working through it. In her book, she beautifully illustrates her adventure of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. During this journey, she was challenged to live in the present moment, attend to her own thoughts and feelings, and leave behind all of the comfort and security of conventional living. She gained confidence in herself and her ability to be on her own. She accomplished a variety of challenges as they authentically came up, and pushed herself mentally, physically, and spiritually to new heights.

What inspires you to help others?

I feel that it is my calling to be of service to others. I have been following my heart for a long time in regard to this calling. I cherish the moments I’ve experienced connecting with others. I’ve been privileged enough to hear people’s stories from all walks of life. I can sense the energetic shift that takes place when I’m with someone that feels seen, understood, and not alone. The memories that I hold of making a positive impact for others continue to inspire me.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is someone that is open to having guidance in connecting to their inner voice and intuition. I enjoy supporting a client that has difficulty opening up. Additionally, I like clients that are seeking out a nurturing type of therapist, as that is naturally my therapeutic style. I want to work with clients that are willing to dig deep in their sessions in an open way in order to peel back layers and get to the root of their issues. Additionally, I like working with clients that are looking to improve their relationship with themselves or with others.

How do you personally practice self-care?

I practice self-care through a variety of ways. I have been working to live a more balanced life by not overcommitting myself and learning when to say “no.” I enjoy spending time with my dog, Poppy. We have fun taking walks around local lakes and parks. I regularly practice yoga and other mindful types of practices, such as deep breathing. I am learning to play the harp (even though I have never known how to play an instrument!). I enjoy running and hiking, checking out new parks and hiking trails when I can, and engaging in a variety of creative interests such as doodling and journaling. I frequently listen to audiobooks and I love to read in general. A good fall back for me is watching the T.V. show, “The Office,” to have a good laugh!

How do you relate to Mindfulness? How do you incorporate it in your sessions?

For me personally, my biggest value is peace. This is not achievable if I am not being mindful. I feel the most at peace and at home within myself when I am living and experiencing the moment through the lens of my mind, the energy of my feelings, and the sensations in my body. When I am in sessions, I gravitate towards asking a lot of questions regarding how you are feeling in the moment. I believe that most of us live a pretty full and busy life. When you come to session and sit with the feelings or thoughts that may have been pushed aside while you were running on autopilot, I like to draw attention to them. I feel that those feelings and thoughts need to be attended to in the therapeutic process.

Your favorite quote?

“Happiness is only real once shared.” -Christopher McCandless from Into the Wild.

If you are hosting a dinner party, who are the 3 people you would invite and why?

I would invite my grandfather, Chip, who is now deceased. We had a very close and loving relationship. I would invite Christopher McCandless, (aka Alexander Supertramp), the man that had inspired the movie “Into the Wild.” I would love to hear about his perspectives on life along with his personal thoughts about the people that he met along his journey while hiking across the United States. I would also invite the author J.K. Rowling because I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. I would love to have a conversation with her and experience her creative energy in person. I also love the fact that she is self-made after having economic challenges. She did not let this deter her from writing a successful fantasy series.

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