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You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.
- Rumi

Christina Philburn, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Professional Profile

Christina is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Social Work from the Fordham University Graduate School in New York. She has conducted, and co-authored several research projects for many biopsychosocial topics around human trafficking, trauma related to physical and sexual assault, LGBTQAI health inequities, cultural competency and sensitivities, chronic pain, insomnia, and selective aphasia. She frequently contributes to articles, trainings, and blogs to broaden access to the public. She is also a former Assistant Professor of Practice at Steve Hicks School of Social Work at the University of Texas-Austin. Other treatments and certifications include: TF-CBT, CBT-CP, CBT-I, ACT, DBT, MBSR+

Outside of work, I thoroughly enjoy rock climbing, kayaking, the outdoors, journaling, spiritual adventures, traveling, meditating, reading, playing with my German Shepard mix Roebling and spending intentional time with family and friends.


Grief Loss
LGBTQ Transitions
Self Esteem


I am a psychotherapist, healer, and practitioner professionally and personally. We care for people with a variety of clinical needs at Austin Mindfulness Center. My primary interests are ordinary individuals struggling with trauma-based symptoms and diagnoses, grief and loss, chronic pain, co-existing chronic medical conditions, attachment, abandonment, and general compassion-centered treatment revolving anxiety, depression, sleep, and life adjustments. I am continuously doing research on different treatments, symptoms, and conditions to be the best practiced clinician possible. In this light, it is always an honor to walk alongside individuals on their journeys collaborating on what they are interested in discovering and championing for themselves. We are simply the neutral observer or compassionate witness as therapists. Seeking clients are the true heroes of this process.

How I Work

Mindfulness-based approaches especially appeal to us to add another element of healing to the therapeutic process. First, private practice psychotherapy allows me to care for the whole person, not just a particular symptom or label. Secondly, in mental health care, there is an unbeatable integration between the human experience and evidence-based treatment modalities. These are well studied ways to help care for the person or community. And third, we will cherish the ability to develop an intimate relationship with individuals while providing meaningful tools for lifelong healing and learning of self.

After being raised and working in New York City for 8 years in the critical care medical field and continuing my medical social work career in Austin for the last three years, I am excited to begin my private practice adventure at Austin Mindfulness Center.

I'm surrounded by an incredible team of therapists, healers, and others, in a beautiful environment that is helpful and convenient for patients. I find that when people are provided with compassionate, competent care, people feel better and live easier. Treatments will be intentionally tailored to the individual’s style of growth while paying close attention to quality of life and symptom management. We will work together (based on your thoughts, emotions, observations, reflections, and behaviors) to guide where one would like to be. This will be done through preservation of one’s values and the ability to be fully present with self-acceptance, no matter the circumstances.

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It is always an honor to walk alongside individuals on their journeys collaborating on what they are interested in discovering and championing for themselves.
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