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You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
- Christopher Robin (Winnie the Pooh)
Ben Long

In-person (North Location), Telehealth

Adults, Youth

Offers in-person sessions on Fridays at our north location

Ben Long

PhD Practicum Student supervised by Dr. Kristin Vaughn
Bilingual (English-Spanish)

Professional Profile

Ben Long is a doctoral student in clinical psychology. He has provided psychological therapy and assessments in central Texas since 2020. In his studies, Ben has conducted research in forensic psychology, focusing on jury decision making, attachment theory, and the effects of childhood trauma on relationships. He holds a Master’s degree in divinity from the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest, and has a background in pastoral counseling, providing treatment for couples, individuals seeking guidance through difficult transitions, and grief counseling.

Although his specialties are wide-ranging, he is especially interested in helping people heal from the effects of spiritual trauma. As he completes his PhD in clinical psychology, he is writing his dissertation on the tools used to determine the terms of probation, and has a continued interest in the beneficial effects of Floatation Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (sensory deprivation), and the factors that help people emerge stronger and healthier from traumatic experiences. As a psychotherapist, Ben blends psychodynamic theories about the
unconscious with a person-centered and interpersonal approach. He is fluent in Spanish, and has lived in Mexico and South America.


Panic Disorder
Spiritual Trauma


Private Pay / Self Pay


Hello! I am looking forward to meeting you. The step you’ve taken today took courage. If you’re suffering, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re feeling isolated, afraid, hopeless, or anxious, first know that you are not alone. Isolation can keep us safe if we are unsafe, but once the danger has passed, we often have difficulty adjusting and moving on. As adaptive as we all are, there comes a time when the isolation that once saved us keeps us stuck. The good news is a
little help can go a long way.

I have a background in trauma, and working with people who suffer from depression, anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD, and spiritual trauma. I also assist clients in the interpretation of their dreams, which it is particularly helpful with those who experience multiple symptoms, but are unsure where to begin their journey of healing. I am especially interested in working with people left wondering who they are and what they want in life after leaving hurtful relationships. The answers are within you. With a little help, we can unearth them together.

How I Work

I am here to listen to you. I won’t judge you. You can expect support, honesty, a few questions, and an open listener in me. You and I will identify the things contributing to your current situation like explorers; the territory is yours, and it may not be easy to see everything at first, but I will hold the flashlight, and you will hold the map. The answers actually are within you, but so many things can keep them from view. Part of therapy is learning to pay attention, and mindfulness will help you to do this in a safe and nurturing way. In therapy with me you can expect respect, interest, a caring heart, and a plan for meeting your goals.

Dreams can be especially helpful in developing an awareness of your inner life, the way you relate to others, and the issues affecting you that you are not aware of. Dream interpretation has helped many of my previous clients, and it may help you to overcome depression, anxiety, or any number of mental health challenges.

Our favorite fiction and entertainment can serve as powerful guides in therapy. Movies, literature, video games, comedy or drama, anything which entertains or moves us also holds the potential for insight. I love movies, music, books, TV, and would like to know what you love. Music can provide connection and animate us. Do you love music? What’s your favorite band or DJ? Is there a film which is special to you? I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

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I am especially interested in working with people left wondering who they are and what they want in life after leaving hurtful relationships. The answers are within you. With a little help, we can unearth them together.
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