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Therapist Spotlight: Alison Askew

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

What made you decide to become a counselor?

I went to therapy for the first time in high school. I remember leaving each session feeling supported, validated, and heard. It was within this safe space I was able to heal and grow. I decided I wanted to follow in my therapist’s footsteps and went on to study psychology in college.

If you could teach the world one skill or technique to improve their lives, what would it be?


Have you personally been in counseling and if so, what did you learn about yourself?

I have been in counseling at different times in my life. I learned how to quiet my loud inner critic and become my own inner ally. I learned about self-compassion and how to offer myself care and support.

If you could recommend one book to all your clients, what would it be?

Radical Compassion by Tara Brach. In her book, Tara introduces and discusses a practical and powerful mindfulness tool, RAIN, to use when challenging emotions arise. RAIN:R-Recognize what is happening; A-Allow the experience to be there, just as it is;I-Investigate with interest and care;N-Nurture with self-compassion.

Who is your ideal client?​

My primary interests are working with individuals who are struggling with disordered eating, body image concerns, anxiety, depression, and trauma. I am passionate about helping others make peace with food and live a deeply nourishing life.

What inspires you to help others?

I am continuously inspired by the tremendous bravery and courage that transpires in each session. I feel it is a great privilege to be a part of each client’s journey towards self-discovery.

How do you personally practice self-care?​

Gardening, mindful movement, reading, going outside, and being with my dog and cat.

How do you relate to Mindfulness? How do you incorporate it in your sessions?

I view mindfulness as not just a practice but a way of living. It is an opportunity to experience the richness of each passing moment. When we slow down, observe, and connect to our living experience we are reminded of what it is like to feel alive. I like to introduce various mindfulness techniques to see what feels most supportive for the client.

If you are hosting a dinner party, who are the 3 people you would invite and why?

I would invite Carl Rogers, Tara Brach and Seane Corn. Each of these people have made beautiful contributions to the field of psychology and/or yoga; and I have greatly benefited from each of their teachings and wisdom. I can only imagine how interesting and engaging the conversations would be.

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