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Mindful Grief

When we experience a significant loss, we are challenged to continue to find purpose. Our lives have been rewritten. We might seek out therapy from a counselor to cope. A mindfulness approach from a counselor offers an opportunity to honor grief and loss as significant to health and well-being.

Grief gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect. We are alternatively called to re-navigate our lives.  We hope to change it into something positive.   At that time we give ourselves the opportunity to transition as a person towards something more evolved.

The truth that is quickly understood by a person in the grieving process is that it is not predictable or linear. It can feel very erratic and sometimes out of control. It is often experienced as a “roller coaster” or “spiral” and can feel very unsettling. At times, grief and be frightening. Part of the natural human experience is suffering and this is a prime example of a natural occurrence in a persons life.

Awareness and acceptance of these points are beneficial in the process. Emotional vulnerability gives us opportunity for human growth. Our attachment towards the deceased is expressed as a loss in self identity awareness. The bottom line is that grief and loss is a natural expression of a loss of something that ultimately helped us define ourselves. We are in fact grieving how we ourselves will be changed by the event.

A mindfulness based counselor can assist in the process of sorting thoughts and feelings out during the process. They are able to take the time to sit with you and guide through the process of the vast feelings that are occurring and help make some sense of it and give it purpose.

The goal is acceptance and resolution about the changes that have occurred and in the end, peace.

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